History Of project

TAP RHYTHM is the culmination of years of research and development by DAVID WYNEN, dancer, performer and educator and CHRISTOPHER PRANK jazz musician, and educator and dance accompanist.

Some year’s back, David was recovering from an injury and, demonstrating exercises and steps for his students was not possible. He looked around for suitable DVD/Video based instructional products to fill the gap. Even though there were some brilliant examples they did not fulfill the requirements of his students who needed to advance rapidly.

Many products exhibit poor production values- video that does not show steps or exercises clearly- music that is hard to follow and is uninspiring or inappropriate. Sometimes the progression of exercises is not logical, or the product is simply aimed a different demographic to dance enthusiasts and professionals. Most products offered little or no interactivity.
Tap Rhythm came from a need to unleash the secret of learning
tap and refining a complete warm up technique system inspired
by the best.

David draws from his extensive study of tap and jazz dance in Australia, Europe and USA. Christopher is not only an acclaimed jazz pianist, but has also been a professional dance accompanist for more than 20 years.

David and Christopher with support from Federation University looked at creating a progressive set of exercises with original purpose written music, recorded by live musicians designed to inspire the dancer. They have created an interactive website that enables them to update and expand as needed. This, with its unique online dictionary forms a powerful educational resource.

Sample our Original INspiring Music, availabile to Members